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      Shiraz guide driver (This web has been made for the tourists who want to come Shiraz and Fars of Iran.)
Indonesian girl in Shiraz. May 16 2017 by: Shiravani Shahrzad

Hi. This tourist contacted me for visiting Pesepolis. She found my address from my weblog. She came to Shiraz by train. I went to the train station early morning. I picked her up there. I took her to Nasirlol-molk mosque, Perseplis, Quran gate, Hafez, Alibn Hamze, Vakil bazaar and airport. (one-day plan).


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German boy in Persepolis. July 5 2017 by: Shiravani Shahrzad

Hi. This German boy contacted me. He found me by my weblog shiraz guide driver. He contacted by my e-mail " He came to bus-station at 8:45 and I picked him up at the bus-station and we went to the bazzar and Shahcherag holy shirne. I gave a ride to his hotel. I arranged his tour for Perseplis tomorrow and we went to the Perseplis on July 5 2017.


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plans by: Shiravani Shahrzad

Shiraz plans

One-day plan

  • Morning: Nasirolmolk (pink) mosque, Persepolis, Naqeshe Rajab rock releifs, Naqshe Rostam (Necropolis). 
  • Evening: Quran gate, Eram garden, Hafez mausoleum, Aliben Hamze Shrine, Vakil bazzar 
Two-day plan
First day
  • Morning: Nasirlmolk (pink) mosque, Naranjestan Museum, Zinatolmolook house, Zandieh complex (bazzar, castle, mosque, bathroom)
  • Evening: Eram garden, Ali-ebn Hamzeh holy shrine, Hafez mausoleum, 
Second day
  • Morning: Pasargad, Naqshe Rostam (necropolis), Naqshe Rajab rock releifs.
  • Evening: Pesepolis, Quran gate, Saadi mausoleum
Three-day plan
First day: In shiraz
Second day: Out of Shiraz(pasargad, Persepolis, Necropolish.......)
Third day: Firoozabad
  • Morning: Qaleh Dokhtar (castle), Sassanian releifs,
  • Evening: Ardeshir Babakan palace, Shahre-Goor (city)
four-day plan
First day: In shiraz
Second day: Out of Shiraz (pasargad, Persepolis, Necropolish.......)
Third day: Firoozabad
Forth day: Bishapur 
  • Morning: Shapur cave, Tange-Chogan valley or gorge,
  • Evening:  Bishapur city, Parishan lake 
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