French couple with 3 kids on June 14 and 15 2018,

Hi to everyone who are reading this text,

I am Mr. Shiravani a guide driver in Shiraz city of Iran. This family was going to visit Shiraz city. They were looking for a guide driver so they found me on "le guide du routard" and contacted me to rearranger their tour in Shiraz city. I made a plan for two days on June 14 and 15 2018. They stayed inTaha hostel in Shiraz city. I referred to that hostel and the manager of the hostel didn't let me enter to the hostel and argued me why that I want to handle their tour less than 150 Euros. He had a bad behaviour with me.

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Hello. Comrade Pasha Tourist, you come to Alamut Qazvin, see me as a good place. Alamut is less than nothing.