Firoozabad in Fars province
Hi to everyone.
   This tour was form the Czech Republic they got my friend's passengers at Shiraz airport. They stayed in Setaregan hotel in Shiraz. One day before December 21 2017 called me that they wanna go to Firoozabad so I organized their trip to Firoozab. We started our trip at 9 a.m. from hotel to pink mosque then to Firoozaba. On the way, I bought some orange and we went on. When we arrived at first we saw Qaledokhtar castle, old bridge, two Sassainian face reliefs, Atashkadeh or Ardeshirbabakan palace then to Goor city. before seeing Arashkadeh, we ate our local lunch which has been provided by my wife and it was included Dampokht (rice, turnip and other vegetables) with pomegranate sauce and specific sourness
Nasirol-molk (pink) mosque in Shiraz. December 12 2017

Nasirolmolk (pink) mosque in Shiraz

Eram Garden in Shiraz
Hafez mausoleum in Shiraz
Ali-eb Hamzeh Shrine in Shiraz
Saadi mausoleum in Shiraz
Quran gate entrance gate of Shiraz 
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