An Australian boy, July 21 2018


This is Mr. Shiravani as a tour guide is talking to the people who want to visit Shiraz and nearby it.

As well, you have seen on my weblog I have taken a lot of tour to Persepolis, Necropolis and others in Fars province. Some people think that I have done this cases for financial statues, but really when you come and see my activities you know I am doing your tour with the best endeavours.

I visited this Australian boy at Shiraz airport. I offered him Shiraz tour and he called me on July 21 18, I rearranged his tour to the Persepolis and Necropolis and Quran gate for the first day.

Next day, on July 22 18, we visited pink mosque, Madrese Khan( the oldest school of Shiraz), and Ali-ebn Hamzeh Shrine.

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