Two-day plan
First day
  • Morning: Nasirlmolk (pink) mosque, Naranjestan Museum, Zinatolmolook house, Zandieh complex (bazzar, castle, mosque, bathroom)
  • Evening: Eram garden, Ali-ebn Hamzeh holy shrine, Hafez mausoleum, 
Second day
  • Morning: Pasargad, Naqshe Rostam (necropolis), Naqshe Rajab rock releifs.
  • Evening: Pesepolis, Quran gate, Saadi mausoleum

Persepolis and Pasargad

         This tour is from Brazil and Russia. They were in Parham tradition house. They found my address and cellphone on Google by "Shiraz guide driver" . They called me they want to see Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargade. So I accepted to do their tour. I went at 9 a.m. in front of that hotel and I visited them there. It was November 24 2017. We started our journey from Shiraz to Persepolis. I bought some oranges on the way when we arrived at there I parked the car and ate oranges, then we went to the site and I explained that place. We were in the site more than three hours. After coming down the mountain of the Persepolis, I provide the local lunch and ate a picnic lunch with tea to each other. We visited Necropolis and went on our journey to Pasargade. That day was after the rainy day and the weather was so nice we enjoyed our trip so much.


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